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About Us

From print to advertising we do it all


Fast printing and advertising company is a printing house with awesome and innovative design ideas!

Because we believe that:

Being creative with a strategy in mind is the time when we come up with the right advertisement!

FAST PRINTING is the place which spreads innovative solutions all around the globe. Our motive is to build professional relationships with our clients by giving them responsive, creative and unique graphic designs, printing work and other similar services. It is pleasure for us as to work with big and small organizations encompassing a variety of industries at every stage of growth. Our professional team has the ability to work with free time and give their best output in return.

At FAST printing we provide a complete variety of print and advertising services. We understand that how important your brand is for you, therefore we design brand identity logos to promote your business. We also provide creative advertisement by creating special content and an image that visually explains the idea. We have services of print media, website development, sign boards, business cards, flyers, tri-fold brochures, news paper advertisement, roll up stands, promotional stands, 3d promotional stands, promotional LCD display, posters and creating awesome advertisement on vehicles that will move your brand anywhere it goes.

It is a fact that this society is filled with people who are obsessed with technology and they do not feel comfortable until and unless they are have a digital device in their hands, for example mobile device! Because the whole world has been transformed into a digital one but what if the connection goes out?

To all those people who believe that print media now do not exist, for them we would like to say that they are completely wrong! Print media is playing a vital role in the advancement of businesses as it also helps to spread the word. Print media is still on and boosting business revenue at a dramatic pace.

We at FAST Printing know that readers prefer publications that are of high quality and the content present in it has the credibility which is very important. Most of the advertisers commonly control this customer trust which is called as “Halo Effect”. It is a fact that when brands post their advertisement in well-known magazines then they receive the same respect which is given to the magazine publication itself. When your advertisement has powerful content and high quality innovative look then you can grab customer attention and their trust easily which is vital to have growth in industry and more sales.

There is still a group of people in our society that prefers to read those material that they can touch instead of reading things over the internet, it is a well-known fact that when you are able to touch something you can memorize it very well and when your advertisement is attractive enough and present in a famous magazine then the chances of getting more customers is increased automatically.

The human attention span is seriously affected due to the digital technology along with their eye-sight. When you watch or read something in your computer, tablet, laptop, and smart phone the rays that are generating from it leaves a negative impact on your eyes which result in getting specs at the end. This sounds really disturbing as none of us would want to have our child or siblings and other family members to have specs ever in their life. When you are reading something on your tablet then you may notice that someone is instant messaging you, another person is posting something on Facebook and at the same time you get different pop-ups of advertisements. Such situation is really frustrating because you are unable to concentrate on what you are trying to read or understand.

However, print readers don’t like to do multi-tasking when they are reading a newspaper or a well-known magazine and in return they become more receptive to what they read because their concentration is not disturbed by anything else! At FAST Printing we make sure that our advertisement are created in such an innovative way that readers will start admiring it.

FAST Printing has realized the fact that when a person wants to unplug himself from the digital world due to many reasons then he/she will turn to print media in return. With the passage of time, life is becoming more complex and everyone wants to know everything and the reason behind that is tough competition. It is not necessary that this competition lies inside the work environment because even at schools we can see the effects. People from everywhere in the worlds are trying to grab as much information as they can, by reading daily newspaper, monthly publications and much more.

We believe that entertainment and engagement is the second shadow of a human being. We keep on looking for updates that are of our interest, for example women’s tend to read out the fashion magazine when there is an upcoming event in their family or friends. They keep on looking for the current fashion trends and what are the offerings of big brands in this fast changing world.

Print Media does not need to have power supply and it is the most vital reason of why it has an increased demand in this digital world. Imagine, you are reading an interesting article and suddenly your internet connection goes out and you start searching for signals all around your house, then you call your internet connection provider to fix the issue and he in return inform you that this may take an hour or a day.. BAMM!!! We know how you feel!

But, what if you are reading the same article in a newspaper or a magazine? There is no one who can unplug you from the reading journey and you can just sit back, relax and read the article without any hassle. Also, you will not face any interruption while reading and you can completely concentrate on the material.

With FAST Printing you get more leverage and options when you are planning to get your advertisement print. It is a fact that print advertisement has the benefit of targeting the right audience in the perfect manner. You can easily select which part of the magazine or newspaper your target customers will prefer to read. It is also easy to publish your advertisement in those magazines that run in your preferred geographic location. Also, you can have the flexibility to publish your advertisement in daily newspaper or in Sunday special.

When you are new at business and doesn’t have the big budget for marketing your product or service, it is the time when we at FAST Printing come to rescue you. We offer reasonable budget to our new clients and they have the flexibility to select quarter-page, full-page or half-page advertisements. The most vital thing while deciding to publish your advertisement in a newspaper or magazine is that you have the full control when you want to make your advertisement reach the audience, while in digital advertisement you have to wait for the online algorithm to make your ads live  to the customers.

We know that the core factor in making your business more reliable, trustworthy and profitable you have to be open to market needs. The major factor to which a market responds is the advertisement of your company. if you keep the things within yourself and no one knows about you then we must say that you are going towards the decline phase which happens when a business goes down at a fast pace without anyone knowing about it.

similarly, if you are trying to carry out your business without advertising then it is just like the case when someone winks at a beautiful girl while wearing a pair of black glasses, just you know what message you are trying to convey, but no one else have the idea!

Print advertisements are clear enough to communicate your message effectively and drive quick action. It is extremely significant that print advertisement is a part of your marketing mix because if you only rely on digital media then you are actually losing a potential amount of prospective clients. It is necessary for you, if you want to grow your business to have hoardings and billboards that shows what is the product or service you are offering and also why it is beneficial for the customers. When the awareness is created among the customers then you can see yourself that the revenue of your company is created. A product/service given by a company for which there is no awareness of the customers will lead you to have a “CLOSED” banner at the front door of your company at the end.

So, stop wasting your precious time and money on searching advertisers because we are here to rescue you!

If you want to have a successful business and an easy reach to customers then you should contact FAST printing Right away!