Flex Face Signage


Flex Face Signage is our bread and butter; but for those of you who aren’t all that clued up when it comes to this type of signage system, here’s a quick introduction to help you learn a little more



What is Flex Face Signage?

Flex Face Signage is a type of system that is typically used for outdoor sign applications such as retail parks, shop fronts and other large customer facing signage. The name ‘flex face’ derives from the primary feature of the system; a tensioned flexible PVC banner substrate that stretches across the face of the sign to create something that resembles the skin of a drum. Flex faces are commonly referred to as “skins” within the industry.

The main benefits of using flex over rigid materials and media is scalability and safety. You can print on a much larger scale with PVC as opposed to acrylic or composite panels. Additionally, you can ‘weld’ PVC prints together to create an even larger print that is seamless once installed – something that cannot be achieved with rigid substrates. The Fast Print Advertising are guaranteed against blowout which should be a great comfort in times of inclement weather conditions and high winds. Another benefit of using flex is that transportation to site and stocking of printing media is far easier due to its ‘flexible’ nature. With our The Fast Print Advertising, installation is a breeze with no need for rods, hooks or eyelets – you simply attach our famous black clip to your printed/decorated skin and click into the frame.

The boxes themselves are made from aluminium and are extremely robust and durable. With different depth profiles available within the range and internal structures to compliment them, it is common for external flex signage to be in situ for decades with the skin alone being changed on a regular basis.


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